Opening of the New Liturgical Year 2017-2018, 05.11.2017

On Sunday 5 November 2017, H.E. Archbishop Youssef Soueif celebrated the Holy Mass of the Sanctification and Renewal of the Church at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Graces. In this Sunday of the opening of the Maronite Liturgical Year, the Archbishop pointed out in his homily the journey we live every year experiencing and repeating the same gospels. This journey that we live with Christ is the economy of salvation. Based on the Gospel of this Sunday the Archbishop questioned “Who is Christ for each one of us?” and he confirmed as Peter said “Jesus you are the Mesiah”. This profession is the foundation of our faith lived in our pure hearts. Only with the logic of Love we can understand the economy of salvation through which Jesus saved the humanity. God the merciful and full of grace sent His unique Son to renew the humanity and transform it from old to new creation, where in the Old testament the offerings to thank God were from the nature we see in the new testament that the offering became Jesus himself on the Cross. From the blood and water of Jesus on the Cross was born the Church that every year renews her faith and commitment in God’s project of salvation.

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