Holy Mass of Saint George of the Seed celebrated by H.E. Archbishop Youssef Soueif, Kormakiti-Kornos, 03.11.2017

On Friday 3 November 2017, H.E. Archbishop Youssef Soueif celebrated the Holy Mass of the feast of St George of the seed at Kornos-Kormakiti, in the presence of the faithful from all the Maronite villages.

H.E. mentioned in his reflection at the end of the Mass that God gives us always signs to test our faith that is strong and well rooted in our hearts when we have strong links with Christ the source of strength. He pointed out that our presence in this blessed place reminds us always of our four Maronite villages and the most important act we can toward our beloved villages and Cyprus is to pray deeply. He added, our faith remains deep through the warm flame of hope, love, and forgiveness, today’s world is in urgent need to the faith, hope and love. We are facing in today’s societies a negative culture where humanity lives in the spirit of wars that cause the death of hearts, minds, families and communities. But, Archbishop Soueif continued confirming that today’s feast is an occasion to renew our commitment in the culture of life, love, resurrection and caring. Saint George is a martyr which means a person who died because of his committed love to God. He ended, by inviting all the presence to overcome all kinds of death and open our hearts to the renewed life that leads us to witness God’s mercy and love.

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