Holy Mass

Holy Mass of the Faithful Departed celebrated by H.E. Archbishop Youssef Soueif, Cemeteries Anthoupoli, 02.11.2017

On Thursday 2 November 2017, H.E. Archbishop Youssef Soueif celebrated the Holy Mass of the Faithful Departed at the cemeteries in Anthoupoli, where with all faithful, prayers were raised on the intention of all who left us and are now in the eternal life with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Archbishop Soueif mentioned in his homily that each one of us lives a personal experience with people whom we lost. These people lived with us in the faith of God and when they left us they continued their path to meet God in the light of the resurrection, where they were freed from the human pain and reality. He continued confirming that their Passover from death to life with God is a comfort for us who believe in the eternal life that we gain from our baptism. After the physical death, our eternal life is a life with Christ, is in the heart of God’s love to us. He added that we pray for the dead people, but what we should do is to pray to ourselves because every time we live in the darkness, in the hatred, in the sins and enclosed in our minds far from love, we are dead and poor. He ended asking the Lord to remember our faithful departed in His glory and He may have mercy on us and strengthen us to accomplish his will and to be always faithful to His love and grace in this journey we live.

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