He then continued addressing the President:

“At this point, I would like to greet the courageous leadership of Your Excellency the President of the Republic, who through the continuation of the talks with Mr Akkinci, you look forward to the re- unification of our country in a just, viable, peaceful and lasting solution. We are fully supporting your efforts and pray to God that they bear fruit for the good of all the people of Cyprus especially of the new generations to come.

Cyprus can be an enviable example at the crossroads of cultures and religions and through unity in diversity, it can transmit its own message of peace and prosperity, its principles and values of co existence and co creation and it can illuminate our wider troubled region.

Our community seeks anxiously the preservation of its identity, its land, the land of our fathers and ancestors, our churches and monasteries. We invoke your help to assist the Maronite community in the return to our villages Ayia Marina, Assomatos, Karpasha and Kormakitis under the dynamic program of the “Confidence Building Measures” that prepare the real human ground for the reunification of our Island. Our younger generations need to return to our villages and get to know their roots and land, otherwise they are at a risk of extinction and assimilation”.

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