Announcement for World Youth Day 2013

Dear youth,

As the days go by, the tickets’ price for World Youth Day 2013 in Rio de Janeiro will naturally increase and places will be more restricted. As of today, the price for the tickets is around Euros 1550 and the non-refundable deposit Euros 250 for booking. We are planning to go to Rio around July 16 and to be back around July 29-30. There are as you know extra fees to pay for food, accommodation, and transportation so that the total amount will approximately be close to Euros 2,000. Please take in consideration that we will receive monetary help from different sources, one of them from Rome, another from activities that we as youth will plan to do to raise funds, such as car wash, bazaars, etc… (You are welcome to give ideas), and still possible other financial help from requested local donations. We assume that, with the mentioned help, the total amount will drop considerably.

Please think about the trip and what benefit it will grant to you personally and to Cyprus as we will be representing our country before a worldwide group of youth. Notice that we want to know by November 15 if you are participating and, in case of a positive answer, you are to be ready to pay Euros 250 as a pre-payment for the airline travel agency. To register and pay the mentioned pre-payment amount, please contact one of the following persons before November 15:

  • Joseph Kartapanis
  • 99810026
  • Marios HadjiRoussos
  • 99635753
  • George Beitis
  • 99309564
  • Sr.Samia Abou-Shakra
  • 99112014
  • Anna Terzi
  • 99556159

May God bless you!

Sr. Samia Abou-Shakra, AS

General Secretary

Eparchial Pastoral Youth Team