The story of Jesus for the children

An interesting film on Youtube for children, young people, parents and all the family.

A preparation for Easter with a spiritual dimension.

Secretariat of the Maronite Archbishopric of Cyprus

The Echo of the Catechism Centres

"How terrible it would be for me if I did not preach the gospel!" (A’ Cor. 9:16)

With these words spoken by the Apostle Paul, His Excellency the Maronite Archbishop of Cyprus announced the beginning of the Catechism Year 2009 - 2010.

A simple and humble preparation has started respecting and following the efforts that people of our community, priests, nuns and laity have made for years so as to   communicate God's Word to children, adolescents and young people. The generous response of our teachers and young people was touching and their contribution to the work of Catechesis is remarkable. A lot needs to be done, but things have taken their course. "Watch the trunk of the tree; it was made from a twig. The tower with the seven floors began from a shovelful of earth; A journey of a thousand miles has started from a single step. "

(Lao Tse)

Nine Catechism centres have been organized and are operating today within the Maronite Archeparchy:

  1. The Maronite Archbishopric of Cyprus
  2. The Cathedral of Our Lady of Graces
  3. Terra Santa School
  4. The English School
  5. St Maron Elementary School in Anthoupoli
  6. Kotsiatis
  7. St. Mary's School in Limassol
  8. Archangel Michael Parish in Asomatos
  9. Saint George Parish in Kormakitis

The establishment and operation of the two latter Catechism Centres in our occupied land is very touching. The people who took the initiative to restore the teaching of our faith in the place where most of us have been initiated into the mysteries of the Church and the content of the Holy Scriptures are commendable.

We believe that the children, adolescents and young people of our community are not all present yet at the weekly appointments of the Catechism lessons.  Between now and the start of the new school year, we all need to head our efforts towards creating the necessary preconditions that will enable each Maronite young person to deepen his/her  faith.

Our responsibility is great; let each one of us take his/her own share of responsibility. And may God, the father and protector of our souls, guide and bless our actions. Mary, Mother of God and our Mother, we ask you to walk along this path with us; this same path along which you walked next to your Son, Amen.

Mary Katsioloudes - Secretary of the Pastoral Service for Catechism