First preparatory meeting for World Youth Day 2013 in Rio de Janeiro

First preparatory meeting for World Youth Day 2013 in Rio de Janeiro under the auspices of His Excellency Archbishop Youssef Soueif

October 1st, 2012

We raise thanks to the Lord for the past academic year and for all the blessings and gifts we received and, together, we welcome this new academic year, full of hope and trust in God’s Divine Providence.

In summer 2011, a group of 50 youths from our Maronite Eparchy of Cyprus had the wonderful experience of World Youth Day (JMJ) together with around one million and a half youths from all over the globe. Based on this experience and on the multi-faceted benefits of such an experience, the Youth Pastoral Group of our Maronite Eparchy of Cyprus, is answering again the invitation of His Excellency Archbishop Youssef Soueif, who is calling, as a Church, all youths to live the experience of World Youth Day 2013 in unity with Christ, in the diversity of countries, races, and languages. Together with all other youths, this event will help our youths to live the Christian ideal and values of faith, love, and hope for a better world for all. Our group of youths will be representing Cyprus to more than a million young persons and others. World Youth Day 2013 will be in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from July 23 to July 28, 2013 and the theme will be:

“Go and make disciples of all nations” (Mt. 28/19).

As you know, his Holiness Pope Benedict XVI will be meeting with all youths and will address them and pray with them. No need to say that many preparations and activities are being done all over the world for this unique event.

You are kindly requested to encourage your youths to start thinking about this event and to participate in a special meeting for them on October 13, at our Maronite Archbishopric in Acropolis. We will start with the Divine Liturgy at 6:30 pm, presided over by His Excellency Archbishop Soueif, after which a social gathering with information on WYD will take place in the hall.

Registration for this very important event will have a limited deadline so please let all youths know about it. More information will be given to them during the mentioned meeting. A series of several spiritual and social meetings as well as fund raising activities will follow throughout the year to help our youth participants live the experience to the fullest. The experience will give the opportunity for our youths to share friendship and to build a bond among different Maronite clubs and organizations.

I thank you in advance for your cooperation for the good of our youths and country. May God bless you and bless all your efforts.


Sr. Samia Abou-Shakra, AS

Secretary General

Eparchial Pastoral Youth