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4th Sunday of the time of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross (Matthew 24 / 45 – 51)

The Time of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Homily of His Excellency Msgr Selim Sfeir
Maronite Archbishop of Cyprus

4th Sunday of the time of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross
Matthew 24 / 45 - 51

Be vigilant

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

1. Neither the day nor the hour
The Lord asks us to be vigilant. "Be vigilant" is a strong call. When I am
vigilant, I am waiting, I am open to others.
None of us knows how long we will live, and Jesus has not indicated how
long human history will continue, before he returns for the final judgment.
This should make us realize that we must always be ready to meet our
Lord, acting in the right and keeping our conscience always pure of sin.
We must live as if each day were our last day, as if our eternal happiness
depended on the choices and actions of this very day. Every moment is
precious and important in God's eyes. The most necessary thing is to strive
to remain in a state of grace in order to attain our salvation.

2. True prudence
The faithful servant who does what he is supposed to do every moment,
is the truly prudent person. God wants us to be faithful and do his will
every day. This is the path to holiness and union with God. There is no
other way to be close to God than to do his will, out of love and gratitude.
How do my actions today reflect my loving obedience to God's will? Have
I put God at the center of my life, or have I relegated him and his will to
the periphery of my life, only paying attention to what he wants from me
from time to time?

3. A long delay
Often it seems that God is far away and not involved in our lives. It may
seem that his return is not soon, and this can lead us to distract ourselves
with many other things. Let us renew our spirit of faith in God and his
constant presence every day, living each day to please him, no matter how
long it seems. Let us live in his presence by faith in him and his revelation,
which guide us along the path to eternal life. Let us strive every day to
maintain a lively and effective faith in God and in his presence.
Lord, teach me to pray with true faith in you and your word of life. I know
you are present in my life, and I hope in your promise to be with me until
the end of time. I love you, and I know you love me. Help me to have faith
every moment so that I can please you, do your will and grow in holiness.

† Selim Sfeir
Maronite Archbishop of Cyprus

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