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The Exaltation of The Holy Cross – Karpasia

Wednesday evening, 13th of September 2023, The Maronite Archbishop of Cyprus, H.E. Msgr. Selim Sfeir, celebrated the liturgy of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, at the Holy Cross Church of Karpasia. F. Andrea Katsioloudis and F. Antoine Succar celebrated with him, the Deacon Elias Liatsos served the liturgy.
The representative of the Maronites in the Parliament, H.E. Mr. Yannakis Moussa, as well as The Head of Humanitarian Issues department for Missing, Detained and Resettled persons Mrs. Anna Aristotelous attended the celebration.
And on Thursday morning, 14th of September 2023, H.E. celebrated at the same church.
The Maronite faithful gathered around the Archbishop who headed the litany of the Old Holy Cross, the symbol of the village which was hold and carried on their shoulders.

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