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The Inauguration of the Apostolic Nunciature

January 26, 2024, Religious and official Cypriot leaders with ambassadors and official representatives came together for the inauguration of the Apostolic Nunciature, the embassy of the Holy See in Cyprus.
H.E. the Deputy of the Secretariat of State of H.H. Pope Francis, Msgr. Edgar Peña Parra with H.B. Archbishop Georgios and the Apostolic Nuncia, H.E. Msgr. Giovanni Pietro Dal Toso, H.E. The Minister of Communication & Works of the Republic of Cyprus Mr. Alexis Vafeades, came together to cut the ribbon.
The Maronite Archbishop of Cyprus, H.E. Msgr. Selim Sfeir and many Maronite priests were there with the Maronite representative in the parliament, Mr. Yannakis Moussas.

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