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Pope Francis At The Opening Mass Of The Synod

Pope at opening Mass for Synod: Let us walk with the Holy Spirit

Pope Francis presides at the Holy Mass in St Peter’s Square for the Opening of the XVI Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops, and invites the faithful to walk with the Holy Spirit, “in trust and with joy”.

In his homily, Pope Francis recalled a “difficult moment” in Jesus’ earthly ministry, recounted in the day’s Gospel. “In the moment of desolation,” the Pope said, “Jesus has a gaze capable of seeing beyond: He praises the wisdom of the Father and is able to discern the good that grows unseen, the seed of the Word welcomed by the simple, the light of the Kingdom of God that shows the way even in the night.”

At the beginning of the General Assembly, the Pope said, “we do not need purely natural vision, made up of human strategies, political calculations, or ideological battles.” Instead, he said, “We are here to walk together with the gaze of Jesus, Who blesses the Father and welcomes those who are weary and oppressed.”

Let us pray for the Synod, and for our Archbishop H.E. Msgr. Selim Sfeir who is participating in this Synod.


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